want real power?

Here's what

owning solar

could mean for you

add an average 4.1% equity to your home

-according to Zillow.com

backed by industry



tax credits up to $12,000 for homeowners with 2021 extension 

“solar is like if your electric company had a program where they locked in your current rate for the next 20-25 years, and guaranteed it wouldn’t go up. Then after that, you get to stop paying entirely"

still not convinced?

How about

$500 cash


6 months free

if you qualify?

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Alex Tech

Owner, Tech Solar Energy

I am Alex Tech, the sole proprietor of Tech Solar Energy. I was born and raised in Western Iowa before moving to the beautiful state of Colorado, which I have called home since 2015. -My apologies to the natives for being a part of the traffic problem. However, I am focused on making a positive impact! Full Bio Here

How do I know if I even qualify?

  • Fill out our contact form here

  • I'll contact you via phone and/or email

  • We'll set up a brief 10 minute call

  • That's it!


use 'high pressure' sales tactics to persuade you into an appointment.


I'm available to inform clients of different options when it comes to energy. Besides, I'm local and I care about the community I serve as well as the contractors I work close with.

ready to find out if solar energy is right for you?


Denver, CO, USA

Alex Tech

email: info@techsolarenergy.com

(970) 430-6480

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